Nut Trees

Pine nuts, Acorns, Bay nuts, Hazelnuts and...your culinary creativity! Fall into fascination with these edible elders of the region, and you too can become a native nut of the Northwest; Homemade pestos, nut-breads, native Nutella - you name it! These trees may take some patience, but trust us, it’ll be worth it. 

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California Bay Laurel thumbnail image

California Bay Laurel

A fragrant evergreen tree with coffee-chocolate flavored nuts and leaves used as a cooking spice.
Plant Type:perennial, small-tree
Light:partial shade - full sun
Water:moist - wet
Soil:tolerates most soil types but grows best in deep soils with regular watering.
Bloom Time:feb-mar
Mature Size:20-30 feet
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California Hazelnut thumbnail image

California Hazelnut

A deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub with excellent nuts, eaten raw or roasted.
Plant Type:perennial, small-tree
Light:partial shade - full sun
Water:moist - wet
Soil:varies, but prefers well drained slightly acidic soils, can tolerate clay but not saturated soils.
Bloom Time:april-may
Mature Size:5-12 feet
Zones:2 - 9
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Pinyon Pine thumbnail image

Pinyon Pine

Our prized American Pine Nut tree, highly valued for its rich taste, dense nutrition, and fine culinary uses.
Plant Type:perennial, small-tree
Light:full sun
Water:very dry - dry
Soil:light to medium, especially prefers rocky, well drained soils
Bloom Time:feb-mar
Mature Size:15-60 feet
Zones:1 - 11
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