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  • Pacific Feast.  Jennifer Hahn.  A beautiful book on wild foods of the Pacific Coast, including seaweed.  Jennifer worked with local chefs to come up with some delicious recipes that bring out the native flavors of the West.
  • The New Wildcrafted Cuisine.  Pascal Baudar.  If you were skeptical about the potential of wild foods, this book will totally transform your outlook.  Color pictures, recipes, and personal stories from a master chef who is devoted to the native foods of California.  Very inspiring. 
  • Pacific Northwest Foraging.  Douglas Deur.  A wonderful book detailing 120 native edible plants with color, pictures, stories, and recipes.  Beautifully done.  
  • Northwest Foraging.  Doug Benoliel.  A nice guide to a wild edibles of the region - native and non-native.  
  • Discovering Wild Plants.  Janice Schofield.  This is one of my favorite books on food plants.  Janice is thorough and entertaining with her own stories of harvesting and using both native and non-native plants.  Great recipes and descriptions of traditional medicines.
  • Edible Wild Plants: Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate.  John Kallas.  A wonderfully detailed book on wild edible greens.
  • The Neighborhood Forager, A Guide for the Wild Food Gourmet.  Robert Henderson.  Good introductory information on wild edibles that one can find in an average suburban or urban area.  Native and non-natives. Pictures, stories, and recipes.
  • Salal, the Cascadian Food Institute.  “Integrating Human Communities and Native Ecosystems through Indigenous Foods”.

Native Plant Identification


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