Fruit Trees

The Northwest might be known for growing apples, but the time is ripe for native fruit trees to take a stand! Instead of a Granny Smith, try an Elderberry or Serviceberry tree this season - an attractive and tasty addition to any backyard orchard. Hey, these native fruits might just grow on you...

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Blue Elderberry thumbnail image

Blue Elderberry

A deciduous fruit tree with edible berries and flowers, best cooked or made into elderberry wine, jam, syrup, …
Plant Type:perennial, small-tree
Light:partial sun - full sun
Water:dry, moist, wet
Soil:any, prefers well-drained, slightly acidic
Bloom Time:late summer
Mature Size:6-16 feet
Zones:4 - 10
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Saskatoon Serviceberry flowers

Saskatoon Serviceberry - "Northline"

A well-loved native tree with gorgeous white flowers and sweet, purple-black fruits.
Plant Type:perennial, small tree
Light:partial sun - full sun
Water:moist - wet
Soil:tolerates most soil types, grows best in well drained soils.
Bloom Time:late spring
Mature Size:5-7 feet
Zones:2 - 8
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