Wild Greens Guild

Bring new natives flavors and nutrition to your salad bowls and prepared dishes with our WILD GREENS package. The smooth texture and taste of Miner's Lettuce; the tangy garnish of Redwood Sorrel; a side of steamed Nettle or sauteed Fiddlehead Ferns?  Eat your vegetables!

Planted together, this package will eventually fill an approximately 15 ft. diameter circle. 

Wild Greens Guild Image
Note: This image is for illustrative purposes only and is not representative of the plants in this package. Refer to the table below for specifications.
Purchase every plant in this guild using the button below and receive a 15% discount* on each item. Spend over $300 and the discount increases to 20%. You can make adjustments to the quantity with a maximum of 10 per product (depending on stock levels). Alternatively, you can use the name links to view detail pages for individual plants.
***You can remove a few products from this guild after they have been added to your cart, but you must keep a majority when you checkout to remain eligible for the 15% discount.