Shipping, Receiving, & Returns

***NOTICE:  For customers East of Colorado, you may experience shipping delays on summer orders due to heat.  The longer transit time from Oregon, and the heat of the summer, can be hard on live plants.  Therefore, we will be checking the weather and waiting until the conditions are cool enough to ship your order.  Thank you for your patience.


***NOTICE: If you purchase more than 20 plants of a particular species, we will not offer cowpots, and keep the plants in plastic pots.


Table of Contents:


  1. The Most Sustainable in the Industry
  2. Shipping Delays and Pre-order Plants
  3. Shipping Schedule and Costs


  1. Package Tracking
  2. Receiving Your Package
  3. Unpacking Your Plants
  4. Immediate Care


  1. Return Policy #1 - (Issues upon arrival )
  2. Return Policy #2 - (Issues after 7 days)
  3. Return Policy #3 - (Issues after 3 months)


You'll notice right away, we take the time to wrap your plants with care and love before we send them on their journey.  Our secure packing method keeps your plants safe and protected until they arrive at your doorstep.  You can feel good that you’ll receive your native plants in all biodegradable and recyclable packing materials (with the exception of the security staples).* WE ARE HANDS DOWN THE MOST SUSTAINABLE IN THE INDUSTRY!  And what's more, any order can be made carbon neutral with a single click!

*We are sad to say we just discontinued our 1 gallon eco-pots for our 1 gallon plants.  We can't find a suitable size eco-pot for this plant size at this time.  Please reuse the plastic pot. 


Due to high order volume, EXPECT TO RECIEVE YOUR ORDER 1-2 WEEKS from the time of payment.  (If you'd like your order shipped on a specific date, please send us an email.) 

If you chose a plant that is on PRE-ORDER (please double check your order), we will ship your entire order when all items are ready.  (If you'd like multiple shipments, please send an email with the dates and we'll send you an invoice for additional shipping fees.)

If you chose "PICK-UP AT THE NURSERY", please schedule your pick-up during nursery hours AT THE LINK HERE.  Please schedule your visit after all your items are ready.


Shipping Schedule

We ship weekly, Monday through Thursday.  Long distance orders are consolidated for Monday and Tuesday shipment to ensure they don't sit in a shipping warehouse over the weekend.  

Shipping Seasons 

We take orders all year long, but only ship 8 months of the year, taking summer and winter breaks.  

We take our first break every Summer during the hottest period (worst for shipping and planting), between June & September.  Any orders received during this time will be shipped when we resume shipping in September.  We take our second break mid-December to mid-January.  Any order received during this time will be shipped when we return in mid-January.  

In both cases, when we resume shipping, shipments are shipped in the order they are received (unless specified by the customer otherwise).  Expect it will take up to 2-3 weeks from the time we resume shipping. 

Bare root shipping begins in late October for perennials and bulbs, and in February for trees and shrubs.  At this time, we do not have a walk-in cooler to store bare root plants into the Spring.  This means we can only store bare root plants until the end of February.  If you live in a cold climate, you will have to care for them inside until your ground thaws. 

Shipping & Handling Costs:

Our shipping & handling prices are estimated by our website based on the weight of the plants in your order.  They are based on real time quotes of our couriers, plus a small surcharge for handling costs.  Our eco-friendly packing supplies costs far more than traditional supplies and take additional time to ship. 


Upon your plant's departure from our nursery, you will receive an email with your tracking # and unpacking instructions for your shipment.  Keep an eye on your tracking status to make sure your home soon after your plants arrive.  We ship with FedEx, UPS, or USPS - depending on the package size/weight/distance.    


Immediately upon arrival, inspect the exterior of the box for any damage from the courier's handling of the plant.  IF ANY DAMAGE IS DISCOVERED, take multiple pictures of the box and the plants and see our return policy. Approximately 2% of our orders are damaged by our couriers.


Open the box and inspect the interior of the box for any damage from the courier's handling of the plant.   IF ANY DAMAGE IS DISCOVEREDtake multiple pictures of the box and the plants and see our return policy below.  Approximately 2% of our orders are damaged by our couriers.

Removing the Inner Liners:

Inspecting the package, you’ll see your plants are securely fastened to an inner liner box that is stapled to the outer shipping box. Don’t try to pull the plant out with force! You may damage it or the eco-pot, or spread soil around.

Simply reach into the box and pull the outer box away from the inner liner box, effectively pulling out the staples and freeing the plant.  Alternatively, you can also easily remove the staples from the outside with a needle nose pliers, and then slide the inner box out.  If you can’t access the staples or the inner liner (in long vertical boxes), you’ll have to cut the box down to a point where you can follow the instructions above. 

Unwrapping a Potted Plant:

Once you have the inner liner box free, cut loose (or untie) the strapping/wrapping, and slide your plant (wrapped in kraft paper) from the inner liner. Holding upright, unwrap the kraft paper carefully to reveal your plants and their labels. The plant or soil may fall out of the pot if not handled carefully.  Lift the plantable eco-pot from the sides and bottom, or with two hands.  It can be fragile, especially when wet. 

Unwrapping a Bare-root Plant:

Bare root plants are wrapped with sawdust in a burlap bundle.  Simply untie the jute twine and unwrap your bare root plants.  


During the warmer months, unpack your plants into the shade and give them plenty of water as they transition from shipping.  During the colder months, especially if your weather is below freezing, it's best to unpack your plants indoors and let them air out.  After a day or two of transition time, it's generally best to plant everything into the ground as soon as possible. 

If you are in Zone 7 or above, plant everything into the ground even during Fall/Winter.  If you are in Zone 6 or below, the plants are best kept in a greenhouse (or indoors, if necessary) until the temperature will reliably stay above 28 degrees for the rest of the Spring (or until the ground thaws). Note, if you must keep the plants indoors for a time, keep in a cool area in the house and keep the soil on the dry side to prevent fungal issues.  

For bare root plants that can not yet be planted (due to frozen ground), you can put them in sawdust or plant them into pots and place them in a greenhouse, garage, or in a cool area indoors.  See this video on how to plant your bare root plant, including storing it indoors for part of the Winter.  See our instructional blog post on bare root planting HERE for more information. 

RETURN POLICY (issues upon arrival):


Please check your plants immediately to ensure they are alive and well from the travels. 

Dormant plants are not dead, they are just in a natural phase of their life cycle.  If the plant is dormant (without leaves) and you aren't sure, you can check by scrap a small bit of bark off the base of the tree with your fingernail to expose the cambium layer.  If it's green, it's alive; brown it's dead.  For dormant bulbs/herbs in pots, there may be nothing above ground during certain times of the year, and you can check the roots or dig down to find the bulb, if desired.  

If anything is amiss, please TAKE PICTURES and send us an email immediately. IT'S IMPERATIVE YOU CONTACT US WITHIN THE FIRST 7 DAYS, OR WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HELP WITH THE ISSUE. Please refrain from leaving a poor review until you have tried to work it out with us.

Email or call 541-600-4270 with the issue written in the subject line or left in the message.  We will respond as soon as we can, certainly within 3-4 days.  We care greatly about your satisfaction; we'll be generous in our response, and we also reserve the right to make the determination about appropriate reimbursement, if any, for the issue reported.      

RETURN POLICY (issues after 7 days):

We do our best to make sure your plants arrive healthy and happy.  However, we can’t guarantee against problems that can arise once they're in your care for more than 7 days (at which point they should have readjusted from the shipping experience).  Late frosts, lack of watering, excess heat or cold, deer browse, and gopher predation are all examples of problems that we can’t protect your dear plants from!  If you follow the site prep, placement, and planting recommendations, and regularly attend to your plant, it should remain healthy and happy and multiply.  

IF YOU HAVE CARED FOR THE PLANT AS RECOMMENDED, and it still dies or becomes severely ill, we welcome you to let us know.  It's possible it may have been an issue with our inventory, and we may be able to send replacements.  An example of this might be a bare root plant shipped in Winter that is dormant upon arrival, yet even after Spring comes, fails to leaf out. 

IT'S IMPERATIVE WE HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN 3 MONTHS - OTHERWISE WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REFUND YOU.  Send us pictures of the plant, an explanation of what happened (or didn't), and what remedy you're requesting. 

***NOTE:  Many of our plants are shipped when they are dormant, often without leaves.  These plants are not dead, but just waiting for the right light and temperature conditions to emerge.  This is true for most bare root plants we sell, as well as for bulbs and root during their dormant season (late summer through early Spring). 

RETURN POLICY (issues after 3 months):

We don't cover ANY issues with the plants that arise after 3 months within your care.  Please place another order, and we can send you a new one to give it another try!  


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