Home-Landscape Design

Can you imagine a home landscape that deeply nourishes your well-being AND improves the health of the natural world? Can you envision your patch of Earth becoming an edible sanctuary for your family AND a haven for wildlife?

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Native Foods Nursery offers consultation and design work for NW customers.  Whether you have a few simple questions or need detailed design illustrations and planting guides, we are here to help you get what you want out of your home landscape, and help your new native, edible plants thrive. 

Reserve an hour consultation for $90 today! 


Our expertise lies with the plants and region of the Pacific Northwest.  However, no matter where you live, sustainable planting and design principles will apply.  Schedule an hour consultation, and we are happy to discuss your plants, your projects and your vision with you.  From there, we may decide to move forward together with our design services (below).  

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Landscape Design 

Edible Landscapes

We take inspiration from sustainable gardening movements and research, both old and new. In our design process, we utilize Permaculture principles, Forest Garden design, natural and organic gardening strategies, and nature-inspired aesthetics. We will work with you to create an edible landscape that serves your five senses as well as the integrity of the natural world.

Ornamental Landscapes

Those who are less interested in edible plants, and more interested in landscape beauty and environmental sustainability are in luck too. Native edible plants in a well-designed landscape can be absolutely stunning, and offer unique environmental services (like filtering water run-off through rain gardens).  

Native ornamental design tends to rely more on texture, leaf color, and plant form/shape to ground its artistic expression - instead of over-focusing on annual floral displays.  We think this is much more interesting to the observant eye than the traditional landscaping approach.   

Costs & Details:

Our team bills at $90/hr.  Overall cost will depend on size of the project.  We can give you a quote after the initial consultation.  To get a general sense, basic designs usually take 4-5 hours.  Detailed designs for large properties can be upwards of 30 hours or more.  

It's most effective to work with customers that are within driving range from Dexter, OR.  Then, we can plan a site visit and make a more accurate map.  If you aren't local, we may suggest another designer within our network that lives near you, or we can use satellite imagery and speak with you over the phone.   

Spring is our busiest season.  If you think you'd like a consultation or design, please reach out as early as possible!  

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