Wetland Guild

These native plants like life on the wetter side.  Two of them prefer to be submerged (Indian Potato, Cattail), while the others are simply more tolerant of wet and waterlogged areas.  If you have low-lying mucky area in your yard, or a garden area under a downspout, you can grow these plants in a rain garden.  Or if you plan to add a pond, you can place the aquatic plants in the pond, and the rest around the edges.    

The guild takes the beautiful native Crabapple as its centerpiece.  Surrounding it, we offer two great berries, the American Cranberry and Gooseberry; underneath, the edible spreading roots of Springbank Clover, Pacific Silverweed, and Indian Potato; and to finish, the vigorous edible vegetables of Cattail ("Nature's Supermarket"), Panicled Bulrush, and Waterleaf (also a beautiful wildflower).  

Planted together, this package will eventually fill an approximately 15 ft. diameter circle.

Wetland Guild Image
Note: This image is for illustrative purposes only and is not representative of the plants in this package. Refer to the table below for specifications.
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