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SOLD OUT for now - check back in soon!
SOLD OUT for now - check back in soon!

Bring new natives flavors and nutrition to your salad bowls and prepared dishes with our WILD GREENS package.  The smooth texture and taste of Miner's Lettuce; the tangy garnish of Redwood Sorrel; a side of steamed Nettle or sauteed Fiddlehead Ferns?  Eat your vegetables!    

Planted together, this package will eventually fill an approximately 15’ diameter circle*.  Keep this tab open, and use the table below as a reference.  SEE INDIVIDUAL PLANT PAGES TO MAKE PURCHASES.


Western Dock Vegetable 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Miner's Lettuce Vegetable 4 inch Eco-Pot $6.95
Redwood Sorrel Vegetable (groundcover) 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
American Speedwell Vegetable (groundcover) 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Early Blue Violet Vegetable (groundcover) 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Oregon Stonecrop Vegetable (groundcover) 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Pacific Waterleaf Vegetable (wildflower) 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Dwarf Checkermallow Vegetable 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Common Nettle Vegetable 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Fiddlehead Fern Vegetable 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $20.95
Springbank Clover  Vegetable 4 inch Eco-Pot  $8.95
  Regular Cost   $114.45
  w/ 10% Discount   $103.00

*Actual space use with depend upon site conditions (climate, water, light, and nutrients). See specific plant pages for more information on species included. Suggested plant placement design drawing coming soon...in the meantime, get creative!