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SOLD OUT for now - check back in soon!
SOLD OUT for now - check back in soon!

Welcome, Berry Lovers! We think the Northwest's berries are about as good as it gets, and these nine native berries are the best of the best.  Plant this package and enjoy the sweetness of the Northwest all Summer long.  Huckleberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Salmonberries, Raspberries, Honeyberries, and more.  Great fresh off the bush, or if you can wait, this package makes a great mixed native-berry jam!    

Planted together, this guild will eventually fill an approximately 20’ diameter circle*.  Keep this tab open, and use the table below as a reference.  SEE INDIVIDUAL PLANT PAGES TO MAKE PURCHASES.


Evergreen Huckleberry Berry 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $22.95
Black Huckleberry Berry 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $23.95
Golden Currant Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $12.95
Black Gooseberry Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $12.95
Salmonberry Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $12.95
Thimbleberry Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $12.95
Blackcap Raspberry Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $12.95
Honeyberry Berry 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $22.95
Pacific Blackberry Berry 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $19.95
  Regular Cost   $154.55
  w/ 15% Discount   $130.95

*Actual space use with depend upon site conditions (climate, water, light, and nutrients). See specific plant pages for more information on species included. Suggested plant placement design drawing coming the meantime, get creative!