Our Eco Friendly Packaging: just plant the whole box!

Our Eco Friendly Packaging:  just plant the whole box!

We are only too happy to go to extensive measures to pack the MOST environmentally-friendly plant package in the nursery business!  And we ship it more securely and beautifully that ANY other company we've ever seen! (Our customers concur!). 


All packing materials are compostable and/or recyclable! No more dealing with disposing of cheap plastic pots, cellophane, packing peanuts, plastic tapes/bags, or other cheap box-fillers that other nurseries use. 

There are miles-wide places in the Pacific Ocean where the only thing to be found is plastic. Some of that plastic comes from brittle shreds of disposable plastic pots that are built to degrade within one season (or even before).

To show how eco-friendly our packaging is, we did a fun experiment where we packed and planted a whole box.  Hey, why work harder than you have to? ; ) 

Follow the simple steps below to give it a try!

Our Reflections:

Assessing our experiment one year later, we were pleasantly surprised with how smoothly this process worked! The Golden Currant we planted had put on good growth.  The cow-pot, newspaper and cardboard had all become rich soil.  The only remnants we could find was a film left by the adhesive on the tape, so in the future, we might take that off first.  All in all, pretty impressive!     

Plant with us and enjoy the greenest packaging in the industry!