Earth Day Reflections

Earth Day Reflections

Earth Day is a time to collectively honor our extraordinary planet. Since the picture of the Earth taken from Apollo 17 in 1972, it's become easier for us to feel that we and all of life are part of one miraculous system. Everything we think, do, and feel happens within this blue marble, careening through space. In a very real way, we are each like cells in a great body of Earth.

When we're kind to ourselves, one another, and all of nature, we support the whole organism of Earth. One of those kindnesses is to plant a garden. Sustainable gardening has so many benefits to both us and the whole. Some are practical, some are societal or political, and some are more spiritual in nature.

At Native Foods Nursery, we think planting native, perennial, edible plants is a particularly important type of gardening. Each of these plants provides food for us or wildlife year after year without replanting, restoring the abundance of the Earth for all of life to flourish.

We wish we could offer all of our plants for free, and plant them everywhere. Instead, we often donate to projects around the region that need our support. And on this Earth Day, we decided to put everything on sale to make it a little easier for you to garden.

So, take a moment this weekend to stop and remember the larger body of the Earth you are a part of it. And do something, like planting a seed or a tree, to plant a wish for the health of our ecologies and all living beings.