Our Environmental Practices

No wild-harvesting

Our native plants are propagated on-site or in regional nurseries where no wild plants are taken. Small quantities of seeds or propagation materials are sometimes sourced from wild stands in ways that don’t harm the plant or the ecology.

Restoration & Education

We partner with a 501c3 non-profit education center in Dexter, OR called Lost Valley Education and Event Center (www.lostvalley.org). Classes and volunteer opportunities are offered through Lost Valley, as well as planting native edible plants into their nature sanctuary on an annual basis.


Unlike most other nurseries in the region, we are committed to growing organically. While we can’t always control practices of nurseries that we source some of our plants from, we make sure to keep our on-site practices free of chemical fertilizers and biocides of any kind. In addition, we go beyond organic standards by using soil building techniques like compost teas and mycorrhizal inoculants.

Cow Manure and Pulp Pots

We love reducing our contributions to the world-wide plastic problem. There are miles-wide places in the Pacific Ocean where the only thing to be found is plastic. Some of that plastic comes from brittle shreds of disposable plastic pots that are built to degrade within one season (or even before). We don’t want to saddle you with that trash, so when we ship plants we use pots made of cow manure that you can plant directly in the ground! Once in the ground, these pots break down rapidly and offer free fertilizer to your plant. Saving the Earth, one less plastic pot at a time!

Compostable Packing Materials

We’ve gone to extensive measures to pack the most environmentally-friendly plant package in the nursery business. All packing materials are compostable and recyclable! (with the exception of the security staples).  No more dealing with disposing of cheap plastic pots, cellophane or plastic tapes, packing peanuts, or plastic bags that other nurseries use. (Hey, if you’re really a lazy gardener, you could just plant and water the whole box!)

Potting Soil

Our potting soil is made from almost entirely locally-sourced ingredients like Douglas Fir bark, pumice stone, and compost. Most importantly, it’s peat-free! (Peat moss is a standard soil ingredient and is mined unsustainably from fragile northern ecosystems. In replacement, we use coconut husk fiber - a byproduct of the coconut industry).

Native Plant Selection

Native plants, by virtue of their ecological services, resilience, and lower-input needs, are the most environmentally friendly plants that any nursery could grow!