Snowbrush Ceanothus

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Other Names:
Red Root, Mountain Balm
Latin Name:
Ceanothus velutinus

Snowbrush Ceanothus is an evergreen, nitrogen-fixing shrub that is native to the Pacific Northwest.

Medicinal Qualities

A boil of this plant is used to induce sweating as a treatment for colds and fevers.  The inner root bark is used as a medicine for treating lymphatic disorders, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, and tonsillitis. Clinical studies of the alkaloid compounds in C. velutinus has verified its effectiveness in treating high blood pressure and lymphatic blockages.

Ornamental Qualities

Shiny evergreen leaves and fragrant beautiful flowers makes Snowbrush Ceanothus an excellent choice for the native home garden.  Consider this plant for corners, edges, or to maintain winter color underneath deciduous trees.  Or even as a center piece to show off it's eye-catching flowers. 

Environment and Culture

Snowbrush Ceanothus can be found growing in woodland, coniferous forest, chaparral, and various types of woodland across the Pacific Northwest, most commonly at mid elevation.  Its ability to grow quickly in poor or damaged soils while fixing nitrogen makes the Snowbrush Ceanothus a powerful champion of soil restoration.  Consider planting as an understory plant with the California Black Oak, Oregon White Oak, and/or the California Foothill Pine.


The Snowbrush Ceanothus needs very little care. Once established it will grow quickly even in very poor soils, slowly spreading from it's original location. Extremely hardy and drought tolerant, they do not need any summer watering or soil amendments once established.

  • Native Range: CA, OR, WA, ID, WY, NV, UT, BC
  • USDA zones: 7-10
  • Ease of Care: Very Easy
  • Deer Resistance: Moderate
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun-Part Shade
  • Soil Type: Light-Medium
  • Water Requirements: Dry-Moist
  • Pollination: Self Fertile
  • Bearing Age: N/A
  • Size at Maturity: 2-10ft
  • Bloom Time: Early Summer
  • Harvest Time: N/A/