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A collaboration of TEN native edible plants, this pre-designed edible ecosystem is for the WETLAND GARDEN.  Do you have a low, mucky spot in your yard you've been trying to figure out what to do with? Or want to add a pond or running water to your landscape?  These water-loving edible plants would love you for it!  These plants also work great in a rain garden to collect and use (and even filter) run off from roofs, driveways, and other hardscapes.     

The package takes the beautiful native Crabapple as it's centerpiece.  Surrounding it, we offer two great berries, the Salmonberry and Gooseberry; underneath, the edible spreading roots of Springbank Clover, Pacific Silverweed, and Indian Potato; and to finish, the vigorous edible vegetables of Cattail ("Nature's Supermarket"), Panicled Bulrush, and Waterleaf (also a beautiful wildflower).  

Planted together, this package will eventually fill an approximately 15’ diameter circle*.  Beautiful, edible, and at a package discount? If you got water, this backyard team is unbeatable!

Pacific Crab Apple Fruit Tree 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $17.95
Salmonberry Berry 5-inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Black Gooseberry Berry 6 inch Eco-Pot $14.95
Pacific Silverweed Root (groundcover) 5-inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Panicled Bulrush Root (vegetable/grain) 4-inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Indian Potato Root 5-inch Eco-Pot $9.95
Cattail Vegetable 6 inch Eco-Pot $14.95
Pacific Waterleaf Vegetable (groundcover) 4-inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Red Alder Companion 6 inch Eco-Pot $14.95
Springbank Clover Root (vegetable/grain)  4-inch Eco-Pot  $8.95
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*Actual space use with depend upon site conditions (climate, water, light, and nutrients). See specific plant pages for more information on species included. Suggested plant placement design drawing coming soon...in the meantime, get creative!