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A collaboration of TEN native edible plants, this pre-designed edible ecosystem is called the “Nut Tree Guild." A guild is an ecological and social term for groupings of species or people that have synergistic aims. This one takes the classic Northwest native nut tree - the Beaked Hazelnut - as its centerpiece. Around it, we’ve added three delicious native berries; beneath it, a selection of beautiful wildflowers and green vegetables; and helping alongside, the companion nitrogen-fixer Broadleaf Lupine.

Planted together, this guild will eventually fill an approximately 20’ diameter circle or 15 square corner*.  See our pre-made designs in the pictures above. Beautiful, edible, and at a package discount? This backyard team is unbeatable!

Beaked Hazelnut Nut Tree 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $17.95
Salmonberry Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Thimbleberry Berry 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Mountain Huckleberry Berry 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $19.95
Henderson's Checkermallow Root (wildflower) 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Pacific Waterleaf Vegetable (wildflower) 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Early Blue Violet Vegetable (groundcover) 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Miner's Lettuce Vegetable (groundcover) 4 inch Eco-Pot $6.95
Broadleaf Lupine Companion (berry) 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Wild Blue Flax  Grain (wildflower) 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95 
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*Actual space use with depend upon site conditions (climate, water, light, and nutrients). See specific plant pages for more information on species included.