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A collaboration of nine native edible plants, this pre-designed edible ecosystem is for the DRYLAND GARDEN.  Gardeners with water restrictions or in particularly dry areas will find this package perfect.  To start, it takes our prized native Pine Nut as the centerpiece.  Then, alongside it, the beautiful Golden Current and nitrogen-fixing Buffaloberry; and beneath it - a selection of beautiful drought-tolerant wildflowers, fruits, roots and grains.  

Planted together, this package will eventually fill an approximately 20’ diameter circle*. Beautiful, edible, and at a package discount? This backyard team is unbeatable for the drylands!

Pinyon Pine Nut Tree 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $19.95
Golden Currant Berry 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $17.95
Black Sunflower Root/Grain (wildflower) 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Harvest Brodiaea Root (wildflower) 5 inch Eco-Pot $9.95
Biscuitroot Root 5 inch Eco-Pot $11.95
Woodland Strawberry Fruit (groundcover) 5 inch Eco-Pot $9.95
Blue Wild Flax Grain (wildflower) 6 inch Eco-Pot $14.95
Indian Ricegrass Grain 4 inch Eco-Pot $8.95
Buffaloberry Companion (berry) 1 Gallon Eco-Pot $17.95
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*Actual space use will depend upon site conditions (climate, water, light, and nutrients). See specific plant pages for more information on species included. Suggested plant placement design drawing coming soon...in the meantime, get creative!