Broadleaf Lupine

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Lupinus Latifolius

Broadleaf Lupine is an erect, perennial, nitrogen-fixing legume that is native to the Pacific Northwest.

Ornamental Qualities

Broadleaf Lupine has beautiful whorls of blue-purple flowers with a yellow or white spot that slowly turns magenta.  The flower stalks can reach up to 3 feet and are very attractive to butterflies and other pollinators.  The palmate purple-tinged leaves are particularly elegant, radiating out in circles around their leaf stems, holding Spring dew and rain drops in their center.  

Consider growing Broadleaf Lupine with Great Camas or Common Camas to create a native meadow ecosystem that can provide food and beauty for you, the native pollinators, and the local wildlife.  Everybody wins!

Environment and Culture

Broadleaf Lupine grows in open woodlands and meadows throughout the Pacific Northwest. They prefer full sun and well drained soils but can tolerate partial shade and some winter soil saturation. They are very drought hardy and rarely need summer watering after initial establishment. Broadleaf Lupine also fixes nitrogen in the soil thus making it an excellent companion plant. Consider growing Broadleaf Lupine as a woodland companion under trees that do not cast a dense shade such as Oregon White Oak or California Foothill Pine.


Broadleaf Lupine is very hardy and drought tolerant once established. It is advisable to water them during establishment but once they have taken no summer watering is needed. Consider collecting seeds in the fall and spreading them in early spring. After a couple of seasons of spreading seed you can establish a sizable stand with minimal effort and expense.

  • Native Range: CA, OR, WA, BC
  • USDA zones: 5-9
  • Ease of Care: Easy
  • Deer Resistance: Medium
  • Light Requirements: Sun-Part Shade
  • Soil Type: Dry-Moist
  • Water Requirements: Dry, very drought tolerant after establishment
  • Pollination: Self Fertile
  • Bearing Age: N/A
  • Size at Maturity: 2-4ft
  • Bloom Time: April-June
  • Harvest Time: N/A